The Call center called me to upgrade to Super Digital TIM

Today, I'll tell you a story that is very recreational. The purpose of this article is to avoid that you'll be served up something that you don't want. A little over an hour ago, contact me in the office, a woman from a anonymous number (the call center). She has a name and a surname. He informs me that there is a required step from my current plan telecom for the adsl to fiber super digital and asks me to confirm my personal data.

In my mind at this point start to flashing the following questions:

The answer very confidently that it does not interest me, She very kindly accepts my decision, greets me and hangs up. After about half an hour, I called a man who offers me the same thing. Has a name and a surname and I wish to inform you that today is the second time that I receive a phone call from them. He then makes me aware that I have received this call because I did not accept the modification of the contract. The I confirm that I do not intend to proceed with the modification of the contract.

At this point he tells me that the change is mandatory because all must go to the fibre. I tell him that I have a binding contract and that I was already put in the invoice to the router, then I can not change the plan or the operator. He tells me that they are not going to change the router and that will be the only change in the ecu. I make sure that they are the telecom and you know what they do. I asked because I don't want to change the contract. Simply the answer is that I've established so. Do not accept this response and insists.

At this point, in my mind, there are the following questions:

I answer that, I thank him for the information and I will contact 191 for me to give explanations about this change "one-sided" contract. He laughs and informs me that "they are the 191" and that's when I will call I will answer them. The greeting and hang up. I'll take a bit of time to call 191 and I replied an operator very helpful that I clarified the situation:

  1. Their not called me never;
  2. I am not obliged to do anything;
  3. In the event the "rare" need for unilateral changes. No one will call. The protocol requires that I be sent a letter containing all the details of the unilateral changes.

Together then, we have formulated the hypothesis that it was a call center that wants to take advantage of the recent spread of fiber-to win the commission relating to the setup port of any contract in more. The operator then advised me to say to the next that will call me with the same intentions, which I have already spoken with the 191. Thanking the operator and hanging up the phone, and I pause to reflect on one thing.

I have news that this strategy is persuasive that normally the agencies would with to hook new users, is a modus operandi that is common to several insiders. I think at this point it is clear that it is only and exclusively an initiative of some of these specific agencies that would use systems that are not approved in the guidelines provided by the company on behalf of whom they conclude contracts.

I know that you can expect to read that the call centers are a plague and things like that. Not in this article. The people who work in the call center may be our friends or relatives. All the people that work deserve respect to the extent in which they work with policy and respect towards others.

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