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Dear friends, today I'll talk about a call I received from a "self-styled" operator of the electric service for the Italian national. Calls my name and tells me my way home, informs me that she is a part of an office of the electric service of greater protection, and that for a "law" is obliged to tell me that there is an increase in my fee. He informs me also that I have the right to refuse this increase. I obviously reject it, but unfortunately, the line at that time falls. At this point, I call the customer service from the toll-free number on the site, and a friendly operator informs me that they do not call for this kind of information, and that surely it was a call center or an outside agency that has the nasty habit of presenting them as their own. Thank you and lower the telephone handset.

The source of the problem and because of this article

At this point, since the behavior of the first worker of the call center it seemed to me very correct, I decided to write this article so that I can be of help to those people, that, being previously informed, they can decide in autonomy and awareness, which is the line of action better. In practice, there are these agencies and call center with the "strategies" that may induce people ill-informed to sign a contract ex novo that would generate a commission payable by the above-mentioned call center or agencies. The fact that incassino their commission I would be fine if this meant an increase in the monthly fee in subsequent periods and an adjustment in the case of a transfer to another operator. I could be fine if in a sincere way, someone call me telling me if I want to switch to a new tariff plan or sign a new contract with the discount. This call, however, I hope wrongly, I brought to mind the idea that it's a marketing strategy not too well pretending to be direct employee of the company that provides electricity and strengthen this conviction by providing information such as my name and my way home.

A very simple way to work around the problem

Currently, I can think of only one way to avoid to enter into contracts, unwanted, or suspicious. My method is extremely simple because it follows a logical reasoning, short and concrete. If it is true that they are calling me "officially" from the operator's seat that provides me with the service then, if I call the toll-free number of the operator who provides me the service, those who answer me, you must be aware of the reasons or the content of such a call. In fact, more than being read conflicting information on the sites, who most of them can tell me if it is true or is not true what I was told? Then, I ask who is calling me that now, I can't and that I will call the toll-free number of the operator who provides me the service. If the answer is ambiguous, something is wrong.

A clarification

In this article is not about all call center, agencies, and even a call center or agency in a particular way. In addition, in no case wants to be a comment to the excellent work done by the operators who answer the toll-enel electric service national. This is only a story, a life that I hope will help people make a more informed choice in the conclusion of any contract. If you think that this article might be useful, I invite you to share it with your friends so that they too can be more informed. If you think instead that I have said a few nonsense, or you want to confront peacefully about this topic, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

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