What to do if you can not format your sd card with low level formatting

Warning This guide is risky, the programs mentioned destroy the data and could seriously impair the operation of the drive. I do not take any responsibility for any reason and for any reason. If you decide to use this guide you make it at your own risk.

All IT professionals know or should know the “HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool” software. This great tool allows us to format low-level SD cards. Unfortunately, this tool is not perfect and sometimes we may encounter serious difficulties. For example, when we erroneously load a disk image before formatting the drive properly. Or even when the card is seriously damaged. In any case, our drive will be viewed as a raw file system type and with the low-level formatting tool you will see a wrong amount of memory. Also, if you try to format a low level, you probably have a message informing you that you have the wrong number of sectors.

When this happens, in addition to the software mentioned above, we need two more software. The first one is called Erase US which can be downloaded in its trial version at https://www.easeus.com/ and the second one is called Tuxera SD Card Formatter that can be downloaded at https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/.

Once you download Erase Us, you must completely delete the partition. If you do not know how to do that, keep an eye out for this blog because I’ll write how to do it. And I will insert the link in this article.

After you apply all the changes, the program will tell you that the status of the drive has changed and click “Yes” to confirm the display of the new information.

We will close the Erase Us program and enter Tuxera SD Card Formatter. Here we choose overwrite format and then click on format.

It is not over yet. We have to go to the explorer and format the card in fat32 format. For the allocation size you can view this list provided by microsoft. These change according to the size of the unit.

If after these steps your card still has problems, it’s time to buy a new one.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with PC and Windows programs in general. If that is not the case, ask me a guide in the comments and I’ll be happy to help.