Cyber Monday, what it is and where it comes from

Like another day I talked to in another post, the Cyber Monday is a purely commercial event.

For various reasons, not all consumers can participate to Black Friday.

So, to sell any inventory and to give everyone the opportunity to buy discounts, Cyber Mondayis invented for the first time in 2005.

The name might suggest that the discounts on this day are just about the electronic sector but that is not the case.

The Black Friday is an event that is born when the people prefer to shop in the traditional way, Cyber Monday instead is born thanks to an online store.

Of course this is no longer the case, both events take place both online and directly in the physical store.

Like many other traditions, similarly to Halloween, this day is gaining ground even in Europe, surely helped by various online macros shops such as Amazon Store or eBay Store for example.



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