120MM White Doob Tubes | 1000 Bulk Pack | Waterproof Airtight and Smell Proof Blunt Vial Container | Child Resistant with Squeeze Pop Tops | BPA-Free | Ideal for Storing Pre Rolled Raw Cones


WATER RESISTANT AIRTIGHT SMELL PROOF. No mess and odor sealing tube secures your smokes snug inside keeping it fresh clean and dry..
BPA FREE doobtube is a water resistant, airtight, and odor proof sealing container. Consumer storage tool designed to keep odors in and ensure your stash is secure from water and moisture.

First rate storage for your cigarette smokes, fatties, pinners, swishers, and pre rolls. The child resistant safety squeeze lid enables safe storage. Surely squeeze the top of the tube together to pop the lid open.

Tapered tube measures 4.75″ L x 0.75″ Top Diameter x 0.625″ Bottom Diameter.


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