400 Epoxy Resin Mixing Cups (1 Ounce) Graduated Plastic


Translucent disposable graduated measuring cups made of standard polypropylene plastic.
Plastic mixing cups with a name you can trust: PrimeMed. This listing is for 400 disposable graduated plastic epoxy mixing cups that come in 4 plastic sleeves with 100 disposable cups per sleeve. The cups have easy to read measurements in tablespoons, teaspoon, drams, cc’s, milliliters and fluid ounces. These mixing cups measure 1 fluid ounce with a line for detailed pouring and a thin rim for easy pouring. They are made from a translucent polypropylene plastic and are non sterile. PrimeMed epoxy cups are suitable for all arts and crafts needs, as well as having uses in the kitchen and even dispensing both dry pills, liquid and powder medication or you could use them for any other ingredients that need precise quantities and measurements. PrimeMed disposable measuring cups can be used for powder, liquid, and solid medicine. You could also use our medicine cups for several other reasons of your choice such as wine tasting cups or other responsible alcoholic servings, cheese and other snack samplers, hors d’ouevre, and the list goes on. Enjoy PrimeMed mixing cups.

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