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We regret to inform you that access to the content of this site is not available for your IP address because our automated system has detected suspicious activity. You can send an email to abuse@044.eu if you think this is an error.

We always do our best to respond as soon as possible but it may take some time. Please note that suspicious activity includes obfuscation of the real IP address, malicious and fraudulent clicks, any attempt to take over the nature and architecture of the hardware and software infrastructure, unauthorised taking of parts of the site, any attempts at privilege escalation, scraping and any other activity that is not aimed at consulting and participating in the community in respect and friendship.

As IP address logging is a technically necessary practice to establish the connection between the computer and the server, like all servers we log the IP addresses that access the site, but we do not have the tools to associate this IP address with the individual or company. For this reason your privacy is safe. If you decide to send us a communication via email, you agree to the processing of the data you enter to process your request.