720N Chiropractic Adjusting Tool Instrument Electric Impulse Gun Actuator Massager Professional Massage Equipment Magnetic Therapy Massage Gun (Golden)


❥ The product voltage is 100v-220v 50HZ. These three colors have different running strengths and are suitable for a variety of treatments.It is a wonderful gift for the hardworking father..
Product parameters:
Material: Environmentally friendly ABS plastic
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Power: up to 60W
Four-level force: 200N, 400N, 600N, 720N 1100N.
Package weight: 4.6pounds (2.1KG)
Color: Gold Blue White
Power cord length: 13Ft (4Miter)
Chiropractic adjustment gun weight: 1.8pounds (0.8KG)
Size: Chiropractic adjustment gun: 7.8inchX5.5inch (20 X 13.5 cm)
Suitable for: back pain, cervical spondylosis.Periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, wrist pain,Hip, knee, ankle pain.
Low back pain, lumbar disc herniationScoliosis, muscle cramps and fatigue, etc.
Instructions for the Use of Products:
1. Connect the plug to a power outlet. After 3-5 seconds, when the indicator light turns red, the spine adjustment gun is ready.
2. There must be a force point on the rubber head when using, the indicator light is green. (If not, the machine will not work)
3. Adjust the strength according to the needs of use. You can adjust the intensity by pressing the button. The tool will automatically play back and forth, depending on the beat position. (up to 10 times)
4. Install the replacement work head as needed.
Warm Tips:
It must be hit at the top, and the stronger the top, the greater the impact. So we should choose the right booth and not directly hit the top of the bone.
If you have any questions after using the product, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will resolve your issue immediately.
Package details:
Host X1
Six functional heads
User manual
Universal conversion plug X1
Metal box X1

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