AC Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh AC Power Bank 85W (100W Max )AC Outlet Portable Laptop Charger Outdoors Travel Laptop External Battery Pack Compatible with HP Notebooks MacBook Nintendo Switch


New-and-improved version: 3-prong AC output with a power supply on/ off switch indicator for any device up to 70W (to turn on the AC power, hold the power button for 8 seconds).
1.Would not power up a device categorized as inductive loads with 50W Rated power. As the reactive power of a device categorized as inductive loads with 50W Rated power could be several times of its rated power to start.
2.The battery pack did not support Type-C input which means that you could not recharge the pack itself through the Type-C port.
3.To turn on the AC power supply, hold the power button for 8 seconds.rated power: 85W (100W max)
output voltage: ac110v

compatible models:
macbook 12-inch (29W USB-C power adapter)
macbook Air 11-inch/13-inch (45W MagSafe power adapter)
macbook Pro 13-inch (61W USB-C, 60W MagSafe power adapter)
macbook Pro 15-inch (60W MagSafe, 85W MagSafe, 87W USB-C power adapter )highest 100W AC output = Unlimited versatility
triple Type-C & USB ports to charged all
Air vents to keep it cool
to prevent this from happening and shortening the overall lifespan of the power bank, the built-in vents activate to keep it cool throughout operation. Save even extra battery by holding the power button for 3 seconds and turning the rp-pb055 off while not in use. 1 x Power adapters x Micro USB cable (20cm)
1 x Micro USB cable (60cm)
1 x Travel pouch
1 x User guide

1. Appearance upgrade: the appearance is different from the original one;
2. Function upgrade: add the pilot lamp.

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