Adult Waterproof Arm Cast Wound Cover Protector for Shower Bath, Arm Cast Sleeve Bag Covers for Broken Hands, Wrists, Reusable Bandage Cover Dressing Protector[2019 New Upgrade]


️[Patented design Safe and convenient for shower or bath, Easily slide on the arm cast protector before bathing or showering to prevent water from damaging your cast and irritating your skin. Center hole fits arms diameter from 2’’ to 7. 3’’. Adult arm cast cover is 22. 5 inches long and fit for most men and women’s lower arm, hand. Item stretch size: 22. 5″(L)*10″(H)*5. 9″(W)..
BECAUSE SPECIALIZED, THEREFORE SUPERLATIVE QUALITY. –UPGOINGWaterproof arm cast Protector by UPGOING Effective waterproof arm cast cover for: Plaster and Synthetic CastsBandagesSplintsBurnsRashesLacerationsprotect arm casts wounds, scrapesrashesburns Why choose UPGOING waterproof arm cast cover: ️Patented design——Safe and convenient for shower or bath, therapeutic care or other water activities to prevent water from damaging your cast and irritating your skin. ️Comfortable material——Arm Cast protector is FDA registered and CE Approved, Medical safe material, Odorless and tasteless pediatric cast cover arm, friendly to latex sensitive people. ️Health improvement——100% Waterproof cover protects your injured part. The vacuum ring enables easy, intuitive and secure placement. ️Environmental protection——Reusable, durable and thick, Durable surgical rubber won’t rip or tear. Made of high quality PVC, polypropylene and rubber, Light, hygiene, washable material which is non slippery and will not stick to your arm. ⭐Please Notice:Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision. Please control the wear time within 30 minutes to prevent cutting blood circulation. Be careful to avoid any sharp edges when putting on or taking off as this may damage the seal.NO RISK- We as the maker, the best products you can get. – 100day trial, give you100days to make sure your product is right. – If for any reason you are unsatisfied, tell us at any time. Over 95. 99% of our customers keep their product and refer it to others.

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