All cat breeds

Dear friends, welcome to a new article where I will provide you with a complete list of all the feline breeds. Or at least all the ones I know. I am writing a good number of articles that illustrate the history of each of these breeds with the intention of sharing my passion for these extraordinary creatures. In this regard, I thought it was a good idea to draw up a sort of “index” that can be consulted and that will make the browsing experience more friendly.

As I update these articles, it will be my care to insert a link from the name of the cat breed to the complete article. You can find some names that are not clickable if I have not yet written the article on that specific feline breed but I hope to finish the work in a relatively short time. To stay up to date, save the page in your browser’s favorites.

This list wants to be as complete as possible, as I write the articles, I will add links here. In case I forgot about some breed, feel free to report it to me by leaving a comment at the end of the article.

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