Are there education and common sense?

Education this illustrious unknown!

I can imagine what you are thinking: But this one only knows how to complain, makes articles that are all the same and whatever else. Well in fact I can’t blame you, but it is also true that I decided to write a diary here just to let off steam and you are welcome to post some “critical” comments. I would like to explain to you anyway that what I explain in this article, even if vague for privacy issues, really happened to me and if it is a diary, it is right that it is reported, isn’t it?

As you know, if you had read the pages of my previous diary, I have a small store in a small town in small Italy. Unfortunately, one day it is and the other day as well, it is constantly flooded with garbage outside the door and cigarette butts off in the window.

Sometimes, I also happen to find the door completely dented due to break-in attempts. The insurance does not pay almost nothing therefore it is useless to call it, of denunciations I have made two of them with a lot of cameras that resumed. And nothing, nothing has changed.

I find it quite bizarre that the sidewalk in front of the entrance of my store is seen as a meeting place where to leave used cigarette packets and various crap. Now I don’t even watch the recordings of the cameras inside the store anymore. I don’t want to know who did it anymore, because nothing changes.

And I find myself this morning, as happens almost every day now, having to pick up the cigarette butts and junk on the floor with the pain in my back that makes me see the stars for months now. Sure, complaining maybe I am disrespecting the people who are worse off but since they can complain that they do too.

The truth is that I am quite tired. Not that I didn’t get some rest during the lockdown. I also took a few pounds in fact because I ate and lazy like many people. However, I would have gladly traded those days for some healthy days of work, the kind you have so many well-disposed customers. Instead no, we stayed at home, for our health of course, and so this year’s vacation is not really talked about.

You know friends, sometimes it’s good to change the air. Personally, rather than staying at home doing nothing, I’d much rather go to work. But going instead to a place you don’t know, seeing new things, breathing a different air: that’s what makes you lower your stress level.

Of course, the way I am physically combined, I certainly could not have enjoyed the vacation to the full but at least I could have spent a few days without the help of a stick and the torso to walk by force. We are tired, that’s the truth. Life is becoming an incessant race to grab some money, now indispensable, to get by.

We are too focused on work and money, this leads us to accumulate stress. Do you say no? Well, let’s do a little experiment! If you are dated like me, you happened to play those old computer games right? Here, try playing them now and you will be able to tell me if it is true or not that they seem slow and boring.

The game is still the same, you are still you, what has changed. What has changed is the mood I suppose. We’re always running, we have to keep busy, we can’t stay away from our cell phones or computers for long periods of time. Without these accessories we feel almost naked. We open the web pages and without even reading them completely, we take what we need and close them right away.

No wonder then if common sense has given way to bureaucracy and education has become an empty and meaningless word. Look, for example, at the pressure to reopen schools.

Are we sure that they were done by all people with the sole purpose of better indoctrinating their children?

Are we sure it wasn’t simply to have a safe place to dump them?

I realize that these questions may seem malicious on the surface, but let’s try as always to make an example in relation to our lives and ask you a simple question.

Since when is a student, especially if he is young, happy to have to go to school with questions, homework and what else? Since I cannot answer this question, I probably must have become alien to the reality of this modernity.

Education is the first fundamental step of the individual’s learning and must be a parental responsibility. I have never thrown some papers in front of a store, it has never passed me for the head to put out the cigarette on the showcase of this last one and when I carry to walk my dog I collect what is the case.

It has been taught to me so from mine and it has been shown to me with the example. Because we have stopped teaching good manners? Why have we lost the empathy for others and that sense of Latin compassion that has always distinguished our civilization?

Since I realize that there are two types of readers: those who read if the article is short and those who read if the article is long, I will try to find a middle way. For these reasons, for the moment my article ends here.

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