Ark Survival Evolved Server – Grombrindal Total War 10X

This is the page of GROMBRIDAL TOTAL WAR 10X, the unofficial server of the ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVEDgame ! It is a server designed for construction fanatics, it is configured so that you can play on your own without special limitations. The server is PVE 10X, which means that the taming, collections and experience points are X10.

Current map: DLC GENESIS

Ip address of the server: (click on the ip address link to enter directly)


To play on the server you must have installed the official GENESIS DLC and modS listed above. We advise anyone who wants to take a ride on the server to subscribe to mods first so that they can enter directly without unnecessary waits and further attempts. In the list of mods there are links to mods, clicking on them you will have the opportunity to subscribe them and then they will be installed directly on steam.

Watch ARK THE CONTINUAL COSTRUTION of Death_Z89 on www.twitch.tv

Watch live server videos on Twitch.TV


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