Audicon Wheelchair Cushion for Pressure Sores Air Seat Cushion Inflatable for Seniors Prevent Bed Sores Relieve Back Pain Sciatica Coccyx and Tailbone Pain Chair Cushion Cover 18Γ—16 Black


Weight Adjustable & Relieve Pain—It is adjustable to your shape and weight,can evenly distribute your weight and offer relief from sciatica, back and hip pain, pressure injuries, pain due to hard surfaces or other conditions which make sitting uncomfortable.It is great for elderly and medical patients who require a softer buffer.Can be used to improve bad posture and relieve leg pain while driving or sitting for long periods,even perfect for rehabilitation after surgery..
Using instructions:
1.Spread out the cushion, rotate the valve to open position, insert the valve into the silicone tube, use the pump, fill the air.
2.When inflate,choose the air capacity that you feel comfortable, avoid filling excess air and damaging the cushion.
3.After the inflation, tighten the valve (if air is too full, unscrew the valve again, release some air).
4.Can choose cover to use with cushion together, increase breath ability and durability.

1. When using and picking up the seat cushion, avoid contact and rub with sharp objects.
2.The cushion can be cleaned with a dishcloth stained with water or alcohol,avoid using corrosive reagent cleaning.
3. When there is a leak, check that the air hole is properly closed.
4.For best use, weight limit of 400lbs.
5. Due to the nature of this product it is non-returnable.

Package Includes:
1 Γ— Seat Cushion
1 Γ— Cushion cover and Packing box
1 Γ— Inflation pump
1 Γ— Instruction manual

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