BIOTOUCH PURE Micropigment 6-Color CAMOUFLAGE 36-Bottle SET Pigment Color Permanent Makeup Microblading Supplies Micropigmentation Cosmetic Tattoo Ink Ombre Feathering Hair Stroke Technique 3ml Each


Needs to be used in conjunction with the color lift. All the camouflage colors need to be diluted to match the skin tone before using. Dilute with color, by mixing.
BioTouch PURE Camouflage Pigment Set contains 36 bottles of 6 color pigments. These pigments are perfect for those who do camouflage procedures for permanent makeup and microblading. These bottles are disposable for one time use. BioTouch is made by and for trained professionals. For Professional Permanent Makeup / Microblading Technicians Only.

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