BlackVue B-124E Power Magic Ultra Battery Expansion Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention, Black


6,600 mAh / 84.5 Wh.
NOTE: the B-124E can only function when connected to a B-124, and is not a standalone product. The BlackVue B-124 Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack is the newest battery pack to hit the market. It’s bigger and better than the previous generation B-112. Doubling the capacity and reducing the amount of time to charge, the B-124 Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack is able to power your BlackVue 1-Channel dash cam for 28 hours while 2-channel dash cams can expect 20 hours of parking mode recording. But what if that wasn’t enough? If the battery life of the B-124 unit alone isn’t enough for you, you can extend it using the Power Magic Expansion Battery Expansion Pack (B-124E). This Expansion Pack doubles the energy stored, allowing the B-124 system to last for more than double the amount previously stated. Multiple Expansion packs can be chained together to create a system that can last for as long as you desire! You can also take the battery home to charge from a regular power outlet using our power inverter

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