Buddies Bump Box Filler for King Size – Fills 76 Cones Simultaneously


Authentic | This amazing rolling bump box is made by the gurus of wood devices: Buddies. Buddies are revered in the wood craftsman market due to their efficient and functional inventions..
Introducing Buddies NEW multi-filler Bump Box . This unique functional Box does the work of 76 cone fillers all at once in a fraction of the time . The procedure is easy, simply place your pre-rolled cones into the designated cone holder holes and fill ’em up with your ground legal smoking herbs . Once your cones are filled with the desired content amount simply pack and you are good to go. This Bump Box is perfect for groups or large gatherings, it cuts down the rolling time exponentially for maximum enjoyment and minimal effort . The beautifully artisan Wooden Buddies Bump Box is also made to last with the finest timber available . Just fill this rolling box up with your favorite cones and your preferred smoking material to enjoy epic sessions with a friend or many friends. Allow yourself the convenience of not just saving time but making your life easier with less work . With this bump box you will always be ready to smoke when you want to. The last thing some of us want to do after a long busy day is to work more , treat yourself to the convenience of having your pre-rolled cones available to you a week in advance ready to go !

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