Cuttte (Approx. 330 PCS) Latex Finger Cots, Disposable Medium Fingertips Protector Finger Covers


Medium size: 2.36 inch long and 2 inch in perimeter, flexible and fit for most fingers size..

These finger cots are ideal for covering wounds on fingers to protect against infection by keeping dust and moisture out.

Great for use when gluing small parts on projects. Keeps the adhesives off your fingers but you still have sensitive feel and grip.

keep fingerprints off your clay miniatures so you need the surface to be perfectly smooth.

These are useful for taking off glittered nail polish.

Also good for cutting hot peppers, if you don’t like pulling on a full glove.

Kindly reminder:
1.Avoid the sharp objects like needle, scissors etc.
2.Avoid the oily lubricant.
3.Store in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and sunlight.

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