Cyber Monday what is it and where it comes from

Similar to another day I mentioned in another post, Cyber Monday is a purely commercial event. For several reasons, not all consumers can participate in Black Friday. So, to dispose of any inventory in stock and to give everyone the opportunity to buy with discounts was born for the first time in 2005 on Cyber Monday. The name might suggest that the discounts on this day are only for the electronic sector, but that is not the case.

Black Friday is an event that was born, when the population preferred to go shopping in the traditional way, Cyber Monday instead was born thanks to an online store. So in theory Black Friday should be held in physical stores and Cyber Monday in virtual stores. Of course, this is no longer the case, both events take place both online and directly in the physical store. Like many other traditions, halloween is also gaining ground in Europe, helped by various macro stores online such as Amazon Store or eBay Store for example.

My advice on this day and similar days of the balances is to keep an eye on the prices of the desired items at least a month before to prevent them from being increased in the previous week and then changed again on occasions of the giving the impression of a discount to the consumer. Fortunately very few sellers do this thing so I don’t worry too much.


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