Electric Heating Pad for Pain Relief – Saferell Fast-Heating Pad for Back & Cramps, XL Size 12″ x 24″ with Ultra-Soft Moist/Dry Heat Therapy, 6 Temperature Settings & Auto Shut-Off


COMFY WARMTH & SOOTHING RELIEF – Why compromise yourself on a flimsy cold heating pad when you can get one of the best? Get instant heat and luxurious softness of premium coral velvet! Able to deliver deep penetrating heat as much as 8 inches deep below the skin, it can truly relax your overworked muscles, and provide relief from aches.

Saferell Heating Pad for Pain Relief – The Best For Those Who Want Rapid, Reliable and Safe Heat

Why Choose Saferell Heating Pad?

It warms up quickly and has twice as many heat settings as other pads, its LCD controller is handy and simple to operate. With both dry heat therapy and most heat therapy, it is able to deliver deep penetrating heat as much as 8 inches deep below the skin for a more satisfying heat experience.

What We Offer

* Six Heat Levels adjustable from 100⁰ F to 150⁰ F

* Quick Heat-up in 3 minutes

* Dry & Moist Heat Options for different needs

* Easy machine washing of covering ( must remove the controller and cord before wash)

* Automatic Shut-Off Timer(in 2 hours, or you can set between 30min/60min/90min Auto Shut-off)

* An intuitive LCD controller with an extra long(10 feet) power cord

6 Heating ModesLow Temperature Range (100⁰ F) Second Level Temperature Range (110⁰ F) Third Level Temperature Range (120⁰ F) Fourth Level Temperature Range (130⁰ F) Fifth Temperature Range (140⁰ F) High Temperature Range (150⁰ F)

SpecificationsSize: 12” x 24” Pad

Voltage: 120 VAC

Frequency: 60HZ

Wattage: 85 W


For proper use of this heated pad, please read the instruction manual inside first.

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