Foot Health Expert Foot Electronic Stimulator – EMS Foot Stimulator for Neuropathy Pain Relief – Reduce Legs Soreness and Swelling and Improve Circulation


FDA-Cleared Safe and Effective — The Foot Health Expert Electronic Stimulator is FDA-Cleared and was clinically tested effectively and actively improves circulation, relieves aches and pains, and reduces swelling and cramps. It provides the medical benefits of physiotherapy into the comfort of your home. With regular use, the idea is to eliminate the negative symptoms of bad circulation in feet and get rid of the pain..
From Northwest Essentials, soothes your tired and pain-filled feet and legs through proven EMS and TENS therapy treatment. These forms actively motivate the tissues and nerves in your feet.

This powerful Foot Circulation Devicedelivers prescription-strength relief by relaxing stiffness, increasing blood circulation, reduces swollen feet and ankles to help you get back to a normal activity level.

1. Improve Circulation and Reduces Swelling
The Circulation Machine is proven to improve local circulation, which allows blood from the feet to flow upwards and as a result, helps to reduce swelling.

2. Relieves Aching Feet and Legs
Variety of massage sensations are incredibly effective at relieving foot and lower leg pain.

3. Full Body Pain Relief
Each OSITO Circulation Device comes with two sets of electrode body pads to target and relieve back, neck, shoulder, knee and other body pains.

4. Better blood circulation over the entire body can help relieve a number of issues,including: Headaches and migraines, Nerve pain and numbness, Joint pain, Neck and shoulder pain, Back pain, Trouble sleeping etc.

Three channels (EMS + 2 TENS Modes): EMS for foot treatment, TENS for body treatment
Easy-to-use remote control
Easy-to-read LCD screen
Easy-carry handle
25 preset programs
99 intensity levels
Automatic time settle for 25 minutes
Included 2 pairs of self-adhesive pads

What you get?
1 x EMS Foot Circulation Devices
1 x Remote Control
2 x Electrode Cords (72 inch)
4 x Electrode Body Pads
1 x AC/DC Adapter
1 x User Manual

Do NOT use if you have:Pacemakers, metal implants or electronic auxiliary devices, abnormally high blood pressure, epilepsy or pregnant women

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