GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp – Ultimate Gaming Environment for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC ( Consoles Not Included) – Not Machine Specific


The Guardian allows users to take their Console gaming experience wherever life takes them while providing the highest power, portable performance.
The GAEMS Guardian️ ultimate personal Gaming Environment️. intentional design and engineering for professional gamers, serious streamers and content creators. Critical functionality, quality and form without compromise earning it the GAEMS Pro XP label. Premium 24″ Qhd 60Hz IPS gaming panel. Proprietary GAEMS dynamic soundstage️ with Surround Processor, 12W power Amp, 9W digitally tuned Chambered speakers and Passive subwoofers. Media center with 3X USB ports and integrated HDMI output for connection to streaming equipment or display sharing. Patented tsa friendly hard-shell case with room for cables and Controller. Our history our previous products such as the Vanguard have served legions of gamers all over the world but the time has come to Pass the torch and usher in the Guardian era. GAEMS listen our community wanted a portable solution that can keep up with today’s gaming needs. Boasting a 5″ Bigger monitor with quadruple the Pixel count of our flagship Vanguard, the Guardian was built to be the ultimate portable gaming experience. Professionally inspired content creators wanted more Options to mount mics, Nights, cameras, and charge their accessories. Professional said they need HDMI out so they can feed their gameplay to a capture device or auxiliary display. The perfect solution for content creators “top content creators lose money when they are not online or generating fresh content on the road and at events. Their streams often suffer quality issues or are under produced at when they are away from their home streaming setup. The Guardian makes quality streaming possible where no one else can”. Output – HDMI 1.4 (1x), USB 3.0 @ 1.8A (1x), USB 3.0 @ 0.9A (2x).

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