Gel Pad Refills for WiTouch Pro & Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Units – 1 Pack of 10 pads


Offering professional reusable gel pads for WiTouch Pro and Aleve Direct Therapy TENS devices; for all skin types; WiTouch Pro gel pads are user-friendly and designed specifically for WiTouch Pro and Aleve Direct Therapy; patented; WiTouch Pro gel pads are Made in the USA.
WiTouch Pro gel pads are the only Bayer approved replacement gel for Aleve Direct Therapy units. Replaceable, latex-free gel pads can last throughout the day and for multiple applications to keep WiTouch Pro, WiTouch, and Aleve Direct Therapy units in place to ensure you feel relief at the source of your back pain. The gel pads are intended for single person use. Make sure your skin is clean and free of lotions, oil or excessive hair. Save the green liners and press them firmly on the gel pads to store between uses. One sealed package containing 5 pair gel pads. Please note: Do not moisten the gel with water or any other substance. This reduces the effectiveness of the gel.

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