GOSHIMER Men’s Silicone Panty Crossdressing Underwear for Crossdressers Transgender Dragqueen


*It’s smooth、comfortable、soft、breathable、easy-drying and durable.
Brand Name: GOSHIMER
Material: Silicone
Filler: Silk Cotton Filler/liquid gel filler
Package: secret package
Package Size: 30x20x10cm
Product Net Weight: 3~4.5lbs(Depends On Different Size)
The products do not include clothes and other accessories
How to choose a correct size for yourself?
You can judge the size according to our detail information and pictures. While if you can’t decide by yourself, you can offer us the following information and we will give you a professional advice
(1) Your height and weight
(2) Your Chest circumference and Neck circumference

Q1 How to care the product ?
1.Clean them in lukewarm water with mild soap, air-dry or with towel gently
2.Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy things, washing machine, chemical material
3.To avoid discoloration of other clothes, do not wash the product with other clothes
4.Silicone product is easy dyeing. Therefore, do not wear faded clothes or jewelry. Artificial dyeing is not refundable
Q2 About Return Policy and after-sale service
We offered you the 15 days no reason return, if you want to repair your silicone breast after a long time, you just need pay half of the breast and we’ll send you a new one
Q3 About color
Because of the light and screen you use (mobile phone screen and computer screen has different resolution), the products your received perhaps have a little color difference with pictures, mobile phone screen and computer screen
Package Include
1 x product
1 x Storage bag

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