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Will I ever be able to see a day in my life when, involved in any activity, I don’t meet the stranger on duty who stops me and with a smile tells me that I need to lose weight? Will there ever be in this world a person who understands that it is appropriate to mind his own business? But who asked you anything? Who knows you? Do I put my nose into your life by giving unsolicited advice? There isn’t a single day in my life when I don’t hear someone tell me that I need to lose weight.

But must they tell me that I must lose weight? Don’t I already know from myself that being fat is bad? And when I politely try to make them understand that it is not easy, as if I had to justify myself for what I am with a total stranger, they always answer me the same nonsense. But do you want to mind your own business or not?

I know from myself that being fat leads me to suffer from some pathologies and aggravates others. The fact that being fat is bad for health care and that therefore, just because of money, campaigns on television campaigns over time have been funded, does not allow you to break “the eardrums” continuously to people.

As if taxes were paid only to skinny people, and as if being skinny necessarily means not using the NHS for life.

I am almost forty years old and people of all ages, even older than me, from morning to night arrogate the right to point the finger at what, in their opinion, would be my lack of will.

Do you want to understand that it is wrong to make a person, already in serious difficulty, feel that they are not accepted? What the hell do you want to push? Who are you to spur a stranger to you? And just because someone has to smile at you because he is “serving” you in the store, does it entitle you to humiliate and mortify that person in front of other customers? You are way off track gentlemen.

If I were you, I would be ashamed and very much ashamed.

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