Ice Pack for Injuries, Hot & Cold Therapy, Teeth Pain & Breastfeeding Pain Cold Pack, Headaches Cold Ice Bag, Menstrual Pain Hot Water Bag, Backs Fast Release Reusable Ice Bag, 9 in Cold Bag


WELL SELECTED SIZE – 9IN Ice bag, Cold & Hot Reusable Cold & Hot Bag, the right size for fast pain release, suitable for all body..
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Product Description:

1.Soft exterior fabric is flexible and conforms to the skin and body
2.Lasts longer than the gel ice packs
3.Leak proof, no sweat, no dips
4.Fast pain release

1. Heat treatment is used as hot water bag, keep inside temperature below 60Β° C (140Β° F).
2. Do not put or keep in Freezer/ Refrigerator.
3. Keep reach out of children especially when pouring in Hot water.
4. Do not place the bag in microwave oven to heat the water.
5. Do not use the hot pack on the same part for longer than 20 minutes; (If needed, the packs may be used multiple times a day)

How to use for cold/ hot therapy:
1. Turn the cap counter-clockwise.
2. Fill the ice bag two-thirds full with either cold water, ice water, alcohol, crushed ice, or ice cubes as cold bag. Pour in two-thirds warm water (do not exceed 60℃/140℉) as hot water bag.
3. Turn the cap clockwise till it is secured.
4. Turn ice bag upside down and firmly press on the bottom to test for leakage.
5. Apply to any area desired.
6. Apply ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time, and Hot water bag for 10~20 minutes (maximum) at a time. Continue to reapply after injury. Wait one hour between applications.

Package Includes:
-1x Medium Ice Bag (9″),

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