Ice Packs – Hot and Cold Therapy Reusable Gel Packs Helps Alleviate Joint Pain, Muscle Soreness | Supports Injury Recovery, Back Pain Relief (2 Pack)


Targeted Pain Relief – These small ice packs allow for customized therapy with placement over sore muscle groups like arms, legs, or back..
Tailor Your Hot or Cold Therapy with TrekProof Gel Packs Designed for Soothing Therapy and Relief When you’ve got sore muscles that ache after a workout, stiff joints bogged down by arthritis, or a hot fever that you need to get cooled down, you need versatile ice packs that can handle all your hot and cold therapy needs. That’s why we created TrekProof Small Hot and Cold Gel Packs that let you freeze or heat them and then customize your personal pain, swelling, or injury treatment needs. Product Details: Hot and Cold Therapy Microwave, Boil, Freezer Safe Lightweight, Compact Reinforced Stitching Reusable, Ecofriendly Soft Outer Fabric

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