Impresa 2-Pack Replacement Headgear Compatible with ResMed Airfit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask


INCLUDED: 2 Headgear CPAP straps and 4 custom-designed adjustment clips.
2 Headgear CPAP straps and 4 custom-designed adjustment clips

Name brand headgear straps are overpriced and need to be replaced
every few months. We’ve worked hard to provide you with a value-priced
product that still works great.

Impresa has designed adjustment clips to provide a super tight grip on the
straps and extend the life of the headgear as it naturally starts to stretch out.
Simply double the strap over and push it through the opening until your
desired length is found. Give the strap a tug in the other direction to lock it in
place and you’re ready to go.

Hand wash weekly using hot water and Impresa CPAP Pre-Wash,
or other mild soap, then rinse well and air dry.

PLEASE NOTE: 2 Headgear Straps and 4 Adjustment Clips ONLY.
No other equipment included —– This is an aftermarket replacement product
(produced by Impresa Products, LLC). We have no affiliation with or
Endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned.

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