Inogen One G3 16 Cell Battery | Oxygen Accessories | Portable Inogen One G3 Lightweight Double Battery for Travel (16 Cell)


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Inogen One G3 16 Cell Battery

Delivers More Time with Friends and Family
Extend your usage of the Inogen One G3 portable concentrator by upgrading to the 16 cell battery, delivering double the battery life of the 8 cell you will drastically see the number of charge cycles decrease. On a setting 2, the 16 cell battery will produce supplemental oxygen for up to 8 hours.

That kind of battery life means you can accomplish daily errands, and still have battery life left over!

Inogen One G3 16-Cell Battery Life:
Flow Rate – 1
Battery Life – Up to 6 Hours

Flow Rate – 1
Battery Life – Up to 9.5 Hours

Flow Rate – 2
Battery Life – Up to 8 Hours

Flow Rate – 3
Battery Life – Up to 6 Hours

Flow Rate – 4
Battery Life – Up to 4 Hours

Flow Rate – 5
Battery Life – Up to 3.3 Hours

*Battery life is dependent on breaths per minute (BPM)

FAA Friendly
If a tropical vacation or family reunion is in the near future, then the 16 cell battery is a must! As the FAA requires all medical oxygen patients to have 150% of the flight time in battery life.

Charge Anywhere
Have the freedom the charge the 16 cell battery anywhere, even if that means on the go! The battery can be recharged with the AC power supply, which is for stationary at home use, or in your vehicle with the DC power supply through the cigarette lighter outlet. When either power supply is attached, the G3 will automatically recharge the battery, and all functionalities are available.

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