iSonic Ultrasonic C-Pap Deep Cleaner P4821-CPAP, 2.6Qt/2.5L, 110V for North America, with SS. Weight Bracket, Cleaning Tablet, Beige


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Ultrasonic cleaner generates cavitation which are millions of air bubbles which implode and dislodge debris from the items submerged in water. iSonic Ultrasonic C-Pap Deep Cleaner cleans in crevices and inside the hose. In comparison, ozone or UV cleaners only disinfect the top surfaces and they do not remove debris so debris are accumulated in the mask and the hose. A stainless weight bracket holds down the mask and the hose from floating. P4821-CPAP has a tank capacity of 2. 6Qt/2. 5L and tank size of 9. 6″x5. 9″x3″ which fits a mask and a short hose, a heater that heats water to up to 140F/60C. It has a touch sensing control panel, a convenient power switch, a plastic basket to hold the mask and the hose. It’s equipped with a 60W ultrasonic stack transducer which is two times more powerful compared to wafer transducer used on small personal ultrasonic cleaners. Some manufacturers use wafer transducers in their commercial models but they do not have the same cleaning power of stack transducers. A box of 48 cleaning tablets is included to help to deep clean, refresh the parts and to remove odors. For 6′-long hoses, larger models such as P4831-CPAP and P4862-CPAP are more appropriate. To dry a hose, either hang it to drip dry or use an blow drier which will speed up drying. Do not use high temperature.

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