Kensone Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes, Portable Super Quiet Handheld Electric Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Used to at Home, Gym, Office, etc


Muscle Massage Gun——20 speed levels adapted to the needs of all, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, and also can promote blood circulation. Good for health..
Latest Version Household Massage Gun

5–6h working time and 5h charging time

Touch button, accurate display speed, electricity and switch control

24V brushless DC motor

4 massage heads

20 speed levels

Capacity: 2000mAH
Work time: 5–6h
Charging time:5h(from 0 to 100%)
range of speed: 1400–2700
Work schedule: 9mm

Package Included:
Massage gun x1
Massage head x4
Power charger x1
User manual x1
Portable case x1

Massager size: 23.8*17.5*6.3CM
Case size: 28*8.8*28.5CM
Mailing box size: 28.5*9*29CM

Bare weigt: 0.925kg
Mailing box weight: 0.16kg
Bare+mailing box+case+4 massage heads weight: 1.8kg

Our massage guns are produced by professional manufacturer in China. They provide the premium products for all players. If you have any questions, welcome to consult us.

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