LattePanda Alpha 864s – Tiny Ultimate Windows/Linux Device – Without Win10 Product Key


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Note: This is Updated LattePanda Alpha 864s – Tiny Ultimate Windows / Linux Device – Without Win10 Product Key

Alpha Edition – Generally refers to the leader in a wolf pack, Ξ± / Alpha. It will also be the leader in the LattePanda series, the most powerful in performance. Known as the leader of the Pandas, or β€œAlphaPanda” for short.

World’s First Hackable Computer Synthesized with Windows 10 Pro – Supplemented with Linux Ubuntu Compatibility
We are shipping Windows 10 Pro this time but we have also added Linux Compatibility, Windows and Linux dual OS support. Because we saw the different needs of users from our 1st Gen products.

Performance Styled for your Pocket
We have shrunken this computing monster from a laptop to the size of a phone.Pocket Size, Ultra-thin Design 13.5mm confine into any space. Augment Your Primary Device – Just Plug and Play

The Ultimate Hackable Computer for your Big Idea!
The S series is the second generation of Alpha, with the 8th Intel Core M3 / 8100Y CPU. Compared with the 1st Gen Alpha, the m3-8100Y CPU frequency increases from 2.6Ghz to 3.4Ghz. The Core m3 processor is the perfect choice for superior performance and low power consumption. In addition, Ultimate Networing on Cloud and Things. Extensive Display Support – Dual 4k Display supported. Up to 42 Expandable Interfaces. Dual M.2 Connector – Unlimited Performance Potential. Arduino Compatible

Designed as a productivity tool – From Prototypes to Productions (One Single Solution)
The Streaming Cable enables your Windows-enabled LattePanda device to act like a USB on a Mac or Linux system. Just plug & play into your Apple/Linux device! The PiP (Picture in Picture) form also eliminates the switching/use of dual mouse and HDMI to connect different systems for seamless interaction of two different systems. Using Windows-Only Software and Tools on Mac Devices

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