Leukotape P 1.5-Inch x 15-Yds & Cover-roll Stretch 2-Inch x 10-Yds Combo Pack (One Roll Each)


Leukotape P is a high strength rigid tape with a very strong zinc oxide adhesive, making it ideal for patellofemoral taping..
BSN Medical Leukotape P strapping tape is ideal for the patellofemoral taping technique for correcting patellar position. The athletic tape is also great for realigning shoulder structures and retraining muscles which helps manage chronic shoulder problems. Leukotape P sports tape is a high strength rigid tape that has a very strong zinc oxide adhesive which is ideal for rigid joint immobilization and limitation of movement. Roll measures 1.5 inches x 15 yards. Beige. One roll in combo pack. BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch adhesive bandage is ideal for use on areas of the body requiring flexibility. The adhesive bandage retains the primary dressing on small to large wound sites. Cover-Roll bandages are 100% latex free and made of a soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material that adapts well to body contours. Cover-Roll stretch gauze provides light compression without causing constriction or congestion. A great combination with Leukotape P. Measures 2″ x 10 yards. White. One roll in combo pack. Combo pack includes one roll of each Leukotape P and Cover-roll Stretch

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