Lordhair Thin Skin Toupee for Men Men’s Hair Pieces Replacement System Jet Black Color #1 Human Hair Mens Wig


This hair replacement system for men combined with the extremely natural skin transparent technology, no one could realize that you are wearing a toupee..
Thank you very much for shopping with Lordhair. Lordhair Wigs – Look good, feel great!


1. Default Cap Size is 8″X10″Cap2. The hair could be cut and styled according to your choice.
3.Base Construction: Transparent super thin polyurethane base all over. Single hair strand is vantilated into the skin base and then securely hand-dyed. V-looped hair all over.
Base size: 8″width (side to side) x 10″ length (front to back)
Hair type: 100% Indian Human hair
Hair length:5 to 6 inches.
Hair color: 1#
Hair direction: Free style
Curl and wave: Slight wave
Hair density: Medium light
Comfortability: Light in weight, easy to tape and clean.
Applicable User: Wearer who is in urgent need of a hair system, and wants a skin base with good appearance but does not mind the durability quite much
Product Included:
1 * Lordhair wig
1* carton box
Lordhair Packaging, 8.7″X6.6″X4″ white background cardboard, logo “Lordhair” above.
Please Kindly Note:
1.The color take the material object, the picture only supply the reference one. Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.
2.Only buy it from Lordhair Direct to qualify original product for full service and high quality.
1.Brush the hair and make sur there are no tangles (except for tight curly hair) before washing.
2.Gradually wet hair with solution from hair tip to root.

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