MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser, with Flashing Light (1700FL)


Holds up to 28 doses.
Medready Automatic Pill Box P1700 FL with Dual Alarms, Low Frequency Alarm Plus Light Medready Automatic Pill Dispenser with 85 decibel low frequency 400Hz alarm plus flashing red light.LED for time and alarm display is 1/2 inch. Use one or both alarms in this automatic pill dispenser. Alarms stop when the medication door is opened. For complex medication regimens, for non-compliant patients or for forgetful persons. Capacity: up to 28 doses of pills or capsules. Tamper proof: keyed lock. Dispenses up to 4 doses daily Includes pill dispenser, 1 tray, 2 emergency information cards, one AC adapter, one rechargeable NiMH battery pack, two color coded guides, two extra keys and instructions. Each compartment is 1 x 1/2 x 3/4 Inches. 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Made in USA. MedReady P1700 FL with Flashing Light Alarm and Audible Alarm Has These Key Features : Large 1/2″ L.E.D .: Time and alarm display. Two Alarms: An Audible and a Flashing Light. Use both, use either one, or use none. Audible alarm settings: 1- 4 per day. Alarm signal: alternates 5 seconds on, 1 second off. Stops when medication door is opened. Set alarm time interval for 3, 30, 45, 60 or 250 minutes. Alarm will continue to beep/flash for that time interval until the medication door is opened or the alarm time is reached. Alarm intensity: 85dB @10 cm, 400HZ, Low frequency. Flashing Light Alarm: 1-4 times per day. Flashes for the duration of the alarm period. Medication access: Current dose. Tray rotates at next alarm so missed does is inaccessible. Capacity: 28 doses of pills or capsules. 4 per day for 7 days 3 per day for 9 days 2 per day for 14 days 1 per day for 28 days Set alarm: like a digital clock. Safe and Secure: Medication is under lock and key, not just a latch or tab. Tamper-proof. Dimensions: 11.5 inches diameter and 3 inches high. Removable trays: load off-site by using extra 11″ diameter trays with transport covers. Pill compartments: for adult fingers with “ra

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