Monday, September 28th, 2020 – IgnisDIARY

This Monday was an ordinary day. Like many of you, I have no particular sympathy for this day since it is the beginning of another very tiring and endless week. Summer is over and I find myself with the classic autumn melancholy. Since I was born in this period, it shouldn’t give me this kind of feeling, but the more the summer is going away, the more I find myself thinking that I have a long year of uncertainties ahead of me and I couldn’t even take a day off to ease the tension.

It’s as if I didn’t feel prepared, as if I wasn’t ready to face a new year. I would not know how to describe it better. I can only hope that this pandemic story will pass quickly and that everything will return to normal, or almost, in the shortest possible time. I haven’t slept much, maybe also because of the pain that today is getting so much worse, it has been months now and I am becoming more and more convinced that it won’t pass so easily.

A positive note is that the sink that I fixed yesterday, has not yet exploded and this makes me hope that there will not be any short-term overflows. Anyway, just in case, I pulled out the life jacket for my Jack Russell Terrier. You read right, when I went on vacation, since my dog has a habit of going very far out, I decided to get her a nice life jacket so she can float in case she gets tired since she has very short legs.

Since she prefers the bib, it was not difficult to get her used to wearing it. Anyway, this is a photo from last year, I think that for some time, we will see the sea with binoculars, both you and me. Luckily I live in a mountain area and she will not miss the long walks, weather permitting.

Speaking of the weather, have you noticed how much the temperatures have dropped? I don’t think it’s a good thing for the current situation, because I don’t think the cold weather favors certain defense mechanisms of our organism. Hopefully well. A hug to everyone if I can.

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