My brief reflection on life

You never stop learning in life even though eventually people have a tendency to always fall back on the same mistakes. The experience needed to understand this gift is certainly so immense that without a shadow of a doubt, I am sinning in arrogance just thinking about writing this article.

In the short time I have been on this earth, it has quickly become clear to me that humanity can be divided into three types of individuals: ordinary people, monsters and angels. Metaphorically speaking, sometimes some monsters turn out to be angels and sometimes angels turn out to be monsters.

Who among you has never been treated unfairly by someone? Who among you has never tried in life to make his neighbor understand the fact that he was treating us badly? Who among you has never doubted himself or others?

In the end, only the creator is able to separate the straw from the wheat by judging who we are but a phrase that was said to me a while ago has stuck in my mind. When people treat us badly, it is normal for us to think that there is something wrong with us, when in fact the way people treat us is more a reflection on their character than ours.

To this sentence I would also add that hope and self-indulgence sometimes don’t make us see the mistakes we have made and most of the time we pounce on those who are simply trying to make us see that we are doing wrong because they love us and not with the intention of changing us, humiliating us or manipulating us.

It is also true that trust can sometimes be misplaced because not everyone who helps you does it for your good and not everyone who does not help you does it for your bad. This property of the cunning and intelligent human being creates confusion about the social necessity of trust that is often underestimated.

Hence the saying: If you screw me once it’s your fault, if you screw me the second time I was naive but if you screw me the third time I’m the one to blame.

And so in the course of time we have lost the ability to give even a chance to some people who deserve it and we continue to give it to those who have demonstrated with facts that they do not deserve it. Why does this happen? It is a perfectly normal process because it is easier to give your trust to those you know and love. It is much easier to give second chances to people with whom you feel connected.

In this way we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having denied an important chance to someone who would have deserved it and having given too many to others whom we have favored because of our own emotional or selfish gain.

Anyone is free to choose their own path and no one should judge the path we intend to take. The heart of a person who cares about us, against all logic and common sense, will always refuse to abandon their loved one regardless of the road they will have to travel by their side.

This is where sincerity comes in because if you are facing a perilous road, it will be good to know so that you can have the right pair of shoes and the right equipment. Regardless of whether one is an ordinary person, an angel or a monster, if one travels a road together, one will be more likely to arrive at the end of the journey in the best possible way.

We have been given so many useful and useless things in life. A smile, a cell phone, a sticker, a drawing and a book that we will never read. The gift that undoubtedly almost all human beings appreciate the least is the most important one: life. There are other important things such as freedom but that is not a gift, it is a conquest and sometimes an inheritance.

Like all inheritances, many times we don’t really appreciate it because we haven’t shared the story of it and haven’t experienced the effort necessary to reach that goal. It is the same with love, which is somewhere between a gift and an achievement. Those who have always received love and consideration for some reason will not be able to appreciate it the way those who have not received it would.

All things in the world respond to the law of abundance and famine; life works this way.

Anyone who recognizes the value of a feeling, especially those who in their lives have had shortcomings of the latter or of any kind of relationship, knows that when this is alienated or betrayed, we feel an irrepressible torment that changes forever what we think of others and especially of ourselves.

There is nothing more precious in life than love. A comfortable home, a carefree and boring life, important friendships and a fulfilling job are nothing compared to true love. You understand the importance of this when you have lived more years than you have left. The inevitable process of aging and the consequent death sooner or later make everyone understand, even those who have had an unworthy overabundance, how precious is an unconditional and eternal love.

We are billions of individuals and the measure of what we are and how much our life has been worth or important, is not a note in the margin of a book but the actions we have done in life for others. We cannot live with only ourselves in mind, and we cannot live with the self-confidence that we have made our selfish and hypocritical choices for the good of others. This is self-indulgence, and it is also a property that oxidizes with time and when it is too late.

If only we had been wiser in the past? If only we had made the right choices? The writer of this article is not immune to mistakes, and with this article I apologize to all the people who have felt unfairly treated by me. Apologizing is not something that solves the wrongs but at least it is the proof that we realize we were wrong. The day the time comes for me too, I will be able to rock back in my chair with a smile waiting for the sun to set in the knowledge that I didn’t realize it when it was too late.

I’ve learned that a nice hot bath in the evening can make you forget about everything and everyone. As well as a nice vacation, dinner with friends and anything else that makes us entertain ourselves. It’s definitely better than any action of devious and malicious spite. A smarter and more effective solution than anything else and you make a better impression too!

I will lie on the bed and like every night I will hope to dream of flocks of beautiful angels that with their light will delude me with hope. All I have left is the unconscious desire to sleep with the childish naivety of a child who is surprised for the first time by the beauty of a butterfly’s flight.

I’ll wake up and sometimes I’ll be glad it was just a dream. I will wake up and sometimes be disappointed that in reality I am not able to fly. I will wake up and be grateful that I woke up. Until the time comes when I won’t wake up anymore and maybe, I will be able to fly forever.

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