Natural Plant Based Scrub Sponge 12 Pack, Palm Fiber Scrubbing Sponge with Non Scratch Biodegradable Compostable Sponges,Durable No Smell Dishwashing Kitchen Scrubber


PLANT-BASED FIBER SPONGES: Our kitchen sponges are made using natural palm fiber same like walnut scrubber and white cellulose cleaning sponge that offer powerful scrubbing to provide you with a natural, efficient and practical way to clean your home..
Embrace A Cleaner & Natural Way To Keep Your Home Clean & Tidy With PANYEE Pack of 12 Plant Based Scrub Sponges!

Each pack comes with 12 natural fiber sponges that can be reused multiple time to reduce your waste output ,they keep your home clean and cut back costs without sacrificing quality then PANYEE biodegradable kitchen sponges have you covered. We bring you natural sponges that absorb dirt, grime, grease and other impurities like a magnet.

Multi-purpose scrubbing sponge

PANYEE cleaning and scrubbing sponges both of two side are have it’s Irreplaceable advantages . Dishwashing cellulose sponge are durable yet soft and gentle enough to not scratch your plates,glass,Windows making them not only perfect for use in the kitchen but in the rest of your home as well. Whether its oil, drink spills, dust or just everyday messes, our kitchen scrubber sponge will absorb them completely to provide you with a simple and natural way to keep your home clean and tidy.
Whether it’s washing or scrubbing, PANYEE natural bathroom and kitchen cleaner sponges are perfect for counter tops, sinks, tables, walls, furniture, bathroom bathtub, sinks and anything else you have in mind!

Well done job but not easy to fall apart

Our natural scrubbing and cleaning sponges are made using only plant-based fibers that can easily be cleaned and reused multiple times. They dissolve naturally into the soil over time to help reduce build-up in landfills. They last for months without losing their cleaning power making these perfect for anyone that’s tired of using sponges that fall apart in your hands.

100% customer satisfaction

We made our non-scratching sponges for scrubbing to provide you with a safer and natural way to clean your dishes and your home while helping keep the environment clean. If you aren’t satisfied with these biodegradable sponges then let us know

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