Oh well, what’s the big deal?

Some time ago and incidentally, in another article I explained what I think of values such as compassion, intelligence and culture. Maybe that’s why I had a strange dream last night. If you are interested I will tell you about it below.

A couple of people that we will call Giacomino and Genoveffa, had gone to one of the best hospitals in the region to pick up the result of a biopsy for suspected oncological problems. When they reached the cube, Giacomino was stopped by a woman wrapped in a polymer suit, the kind used in infectious disease wards.

This person had already aimed the poor Giacomino from afar and as soon as he arrives on the threshold of the entrance, he warns him that only the person directly concerned, his partner Genoveffa, can enter. He did not ask him if he was a person directly interested to make a visit, immediately, he formulated the hypothesis that Giacomino wanted to accompany his companion inside the hospital.

And he was right of course, probably because he had seen them walking hand in hand from a distance. The two of them begged her to let them both in because being Genoveffa disabled and already sick of another bad form of cancer, Giacomino would have liked to be able to talk to the doctors to better take care of her when they delivered the results of the examination since they were living together.

He would never have forgiven himself for not taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the best possible care in everyday life to his partner.

The woman on guard at the entrance, unshakable, explains to the two of them that they have received strict orders not to let escorts in. Genoveffa, already back from a past surgery for oncological reasons, tells her that she is scared to death and that she would have liked me to be there but receives the following answer:

“Whatever, it’s just a result, she’ll see that everything will be fine.”

At this point with a certain disappointment Giacomino turns his back away from the entrance. He says to himself that it is right and persuades himself that all the difficulties and possible negative consequences due to not having had the opportunity to talk to a doctor, serve in the end to protect someone, even if unknown. To tell the truth, Giacomino also feels very guilty.

With his heart in his throat, he waits outside the Giacomino facility. He remains seated and motionless with his gaze lost in emptiness on a bench until he receives a call from Genoveffa who was waiting for him in front of the exit. From the voice Giacomino immediately realized that she was nervous and in fact she had not received good news.

The two paid the parking ticket before getting into the car. As they leave the parking lot they realize that the dividing bar of the parking lot exit is wide open and therefore everyone goes in and out as they want. Perhaps it was for this reason that Genoveffa remembered that in the waiting room, the one where the companions could not be in, there was a couple hand in hand who, otherwise, had been allowed to enter.

The old couple who had seen so many, contrary to what would be understandable, decided to go for an ice cream. There is nothing to celebrate but it is a form of reaction I imagine. Nothing to do, there are no open ice cream parlors. At this point, Giacomino would like to let himself go for a glass of martini to relax his nerves but you can’t do that either, it’s already too late.

The couple just have to go home aware that there are those who are worse and those who are better. Aware of the fact that they are not so important in their individuality.

What a strange dream I had or maybe it was a nightmare.

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