OMRON Focus TENS Therapy for Knee Unit, Wireless Muscle Stimulator, Sweep Waveform Technology, Massage Therapy for Knee and Arthritis Pain, Drug-Free Pain Relief (PM710-L)


WIRELESS & WEARABLE: User-friendly controls make for easy operation; wearable and wireless functionality allows for simple treatment, providing relief from chronic, acute*, and arthritis pain β€” even while performing day-to-day activities.
OMRON Focus TENS Therapy for Knee is a wearable, wireless, TENS unit that delivers proven and effective TENS technology to alleviate chronic, acute* and arthritis pain to the lower extremities of the leg. Because this device is wearable and wireless, it allows for pain relief while performing normal daily activities. [*Acute pain refers to sore or achy muscles due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities.]

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