OUWEE RC30-0248 Laptop Battery Compatible with Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2018 2019(i7-8750H) RZ09-02385/02386/02486 RZ09-02886/02887/02888 RZ09-03017/03018 RZ09-03135 RZ09-03137/03138 Series 15.4V 80Wh


[Battery type[Li-ion. Voltage: 15.4V. Capacity: 80Wh 5209mAh ..
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OUWEE are mainly sold adapter, laptop battery, power bank , etc.
Before placing your order, we highly suggest you to open the back case of your latptop and check out the exact part number of your laptop’s original battery.

1.Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
3.Voltage: 15.4V
4.Capatity:80Wh 5209mAh
5.Connector: Please refer to the picture and check it.
6.Certificate: CE,RoHS,FCC๏ผŒ100% New from Manufacturer, Grade A Cell
7.Worry-Free Warranty:
At OUWEE, we believe in our battery. That’s why we back them all with an 12-month warranty and provide friendly customer service, easy-to-reach support.

8.Replacement for Part Number:
RC30-0248 RZ09-02386 RZ09-02486 4ICP4/55/162

9.Compatible Models (use “Ctrl+F to find your model quickly”)

Razer Blade Advanced 15 2018 Series:
Razer Blade Advanced 15 GTX 1060/1070 (i7 8750H) Series
Razer Blade Advanced RZ09-02386 RZ09-02486 RZ09-02386E91 RZ09-02386E91-R3U1 Series
Razer Blade Advanced RZ09-02385 RZ09-02385W71-R3W1 RZ09-02385E92-R3U1 Series

Razer Blade Advanced 15 2019 Series:
Razer Blade Advanced 15 RTX 2070 Max-Q (i7-8750H )
Razer Blade Advanced RZ09-0288 RZ09-02886 RZ09-02887 RZ09-02888 RZ09-02887E92-R3B1 Series
Razer Blade Advanced RZ09-0301 RZ09-03017 RZ09-03018 RZ09-03017E02-R3B1 Series
Razer Blade Advanced RZ09-03137 RZ09-03138 Series

Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition RZ09-03135 Series

10.Package included:
1X RC30-0248 Battery.

11.For Optimal Use battery:
โ‘ Discharge the new battery to 5% (not 0%), then charge and cycle 3-4 times to wake up the new battery.
โ‘กThe important point is to perform a full discharge charge every other month to extend battery life.

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