(Pack Of 2) 70PAR38/FL 120V – 70 Watt High Output (90W Replacement) PAR38 Flood – 120 Volt – Halogen Light Bulbs


PAR38 Halogen – 70 Watt – Replaces 90W PAR38 Bulbs (Same lumen output).
(Pack Of 2) 70PAR38/FL 120V – This KOR 70-Watt PAR38 120V Halogen Flood, is the familiar, classic halogen product that most homeowners and businesses use when they need high light output from small fixtures indoor and outdoor. The most common uses would be in track lighting, small recessed cans, over the range hood and outdoor lighting. Halogen PAR flood products provide bright, white light together with high color rendering. This versatile high-end light adds to the appeal of home furnishings, or calls attention to showroom merchandise. These Halogen PAR floods are a more energy efficient substitute for traditional incandescent floods. By design, the PAR38 will fit wherever the BR38 or BR40 fits, and the PAR38 also features the same great dimming properties. Halogen PAR38 floods have a lamp within a lamp construction. Inside the outer jacket that you see, there is a tungsten halogen capsule, which is the inner lamp. This is why halogen products are more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. And, halogen products do not contain mercury, commonly used in some other types of energy efficient products. KOR halogen 70W PAR38 floods uses only 70 Watts and replaces the 90-Watt PAR38 – 90PAR38 with same lumen output making it a bright, energy saving alternative to standard incandescent light bulbs.- 120 Volt Halogen Light Bulbs.

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