PAG XMS S13 Price Tag Standard Attacher Tagging Gun for Clothing with 5 Needles and 2000 Barbs Fasteners, Purple


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PAG price tag gun standard attached tagging gun for clothing with 5 needles and 2000 2″ barbs fasteners, purple PAG industry standard tagging gun, with ergonomically designed, includes rubberized trigger and handle to reduce user fatigue. Comfortable and easy to use, an easy-squeeze mechanism make it easily become the first choice for tagging application. Designed for use with fabrics including wool, linen, cotton, denim, polyester, synthetic, natural and others fabrics. Not for use on silk or delicate fabrics. PAG standard tagging gun set, including 1 standard tagging gun, 5 needles and 2000pcs standard tag barb fasteners, which are ideal used for all light weight, medium weight and heavy weight tagging applications. A good assistant for all retail business men. The tagging gun comes with a roped plastic guard to put over the end of the sharp needle for safety purposes. The tagging gun can be used with any size or brand of standard attachments. Ideal choice for all forms of standard tagging. For best results, use only with PAG brand replacement needles and attachments. Note: This product is not interchangeable or usable with fine needles or fine attachments. Brand: PAG material: Plastic color: Purple model: Standard gun size: 3.94″ x 5.31″ x 0.94″ combination: 1 standard tag gun + 5 needles + 2000pcs standard tag fasteners.

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