PAR46 LED Replacement Sealed Beam Spot/Landing Light | 5,200 Lumens | Fusion 46LR | 14/28VDC


COMPATIBILITY: 9-32VDC Voltage range | 5,200lm, 300-watt equivalent) | Guaranteed drop-in LED replacement bulb for all PAR46 5.75″diameter sealed-beam bulbs | Flasher/Wig-Wag compatible | Replaces common PAR46 bulbs and many more: 4522, 4551, 4553, 4554, 4570, 4571, 4580, 4581, 4582 | Non-PMA’d.
The FUSION 46LR is a drop-in dimensional replacement LED PAR46 (5.75″ diameter) sealed beam light head for incandescent and halogen 12/28-volt PAR46 sealed beam bulbs. Heavy duty aircraft grade construction features 5,200 lumen output (300-watt equivalent) with a 10 degree beam divergence, guaranteed EMI/RFI-free, SmarTemp thermal management, powder coated housing for chemical and corrosion resistance, unbreakable UV resistant poly-carbonate lens, heavy duty brass wire termination studs with 8-32 SAE stainless machine screws. Engineered with 18 high-power thermally regulated 5-watt CREE XP-E series LEDs for an incredible 90-watt design that emits a stunning 5,200 effective lumens. An integrated constant-current driver circuit senses input voltage and regulates the same stunning bright light output whether 28VDC or as low as 9VDC. Low current draw, long design life and negligible heat emission promotes continuous use in both daytime and nighttime operation to dramatically improve safety due to ease of recognition. Less current demands less work from your alternator which translates to more horsepower at the crank, improved fuel economy, and longer intervals between battery and alternator replacement SPECIFICATIONS: 10 degree horizontal x 10 degree vertical linear spreader optic,10-30 volts DC, 3.6amps @ 14vdc | 1.80amps @ 28vdc. 30,000hr design life. Drop-in replacement for: GE 4522, 4551, 4553, 4554, 4570, 4571, 4580, 4581, 4582, Q4566, Q4597. Not DOT, FAA/PMA Approved.

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