Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp, Smartphone Enabled with Built-in Bedroom Monitor (HF3670/60),White


Connected light therapy lamp and sunrise alarm clock, now smartphone-enabled with built-in bedroom sensor for creating your ideal sleeping and waking environment..
Philips Somneo Connected is the Sleep & Wake-up Light designed with a suite of connected, customizable features to help you relax to sleep, and wake up naturally and well-rested. With sunset and sunrise simulation, personalized settings for light and sound, and a light-guided relaxation exercise that brings you to a sleep-conducive state when it’s time for bed, Philips Somneo can help you fall asleep effectively and wake up with energy. More than a light, Philips Somneo offers unprecedented app-based customization, enabling you to control key aspects of your sleeping and waking experiences and environment. You can enhance your sleep habits with tips based on data from a built-in environmental sensor that tracks temperature, humidity, noise and light levels. Choose sunrise and sunset simulations that replicate the full natural color spectrum. The intensity of light increases over a million gradations, so the imperceptible transitions between dark and light feel as gradual and as natural as a real dawn or dusk. From leaders in sleep technology and makers of the leading global Wake-up Light sold, Philips Somneo helps people living active lives recharge their way at night, so they can run all day.

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