Photizo Vetcare Rechargeable LED Red (635 nm) and Infrared (850 nm) Light Therapy Device for Animals | Safe, Natural Treatment for Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Sprains, Soreness and Wounds


LIGHT THERAPY FOR ANIMALS: Photizo Vetcare is a hand-held, rechargeable, LED light therapy device for animals that provides a pre-programmed, effective dose of healing red and infrared light for the treatment of many chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. The Photizo stimulates healing, relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, calms muscle spasms, and effectively treats skin conditions, post-op areas, wounds, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle injuries, sprains, fractures and more..
Photizo Vetcare is a hand-held, rechargeable, LED light therapy device that utilizes both red (635 nm) and infrared (850 nm) light at specific, healing wavelengths for highly effective treatment in all types of animals. It is convenient, safe, and simple enough for anyone to use effectively!

Simply press the treatment button and hold the Photizo in place until the 30 second treatment is over. Move on to the next area. Treat affected area(s) once daily for best results For acute conditions, treat affected area twice daily.

During treatment, the Photizo administers a pre-measured dose of both red and infrared light that works to relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, stimulate healing, calm muscle spasms, increase circulation and clear waste products. Use the Photizo Vetcare to treat skin conditions, chronic pain, inflammation, wounds, bruising, arthritis, tendonitis, splints, muscle injuries/spasms, post-op areas, ligament/tendon sprains, fractures, neck and back pain and more.

The Photizo Vetcare comes with the rechargeable Photizo unit, a 110v power supply, instructions for use, and a drawstring carry bag. You can administer up to 180 treatments on a single charge; charge time is between 3 and 4 hours.

We back up the Photizo Vetcare with a full year of coverage against manufacturing defect or malfunction.

The Photizo Vetcare has helped thousands of pets around the world regain mobility, health and happiness! Will yours be next?

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