Powerhouse Pumice Toilet Bowl Cleaning Stone with Handle – Stain Remover, Cleans Away Limescale, Hard Water Rings, Calcium Buildup, Iron and Rust


INCLUDES STORAGE CASE – NEW!! Now Powerhouse Pumice comes in a sturdy storage case! When finished with cleaning toilet bowls, sinks, tubs, tile or other surfaces, simply rinse and store in the convenient case. Includes air vents to allow drying..
Powerhouse Pumice cleans tough stains in seconds using a gentle abrasive action. Use on surfaces such as toilet bowls, tubs, sinks, tile and other porcelain fixtures. Can also be used on some steel surfaces such as BBQ grills, gardening tools, workshop tools, and more but always test a small section first to determine scratch resistance. Removes difficult stains such as calcium, limescale, rust and hard water buildups. Powerhouse Pumice is more than 20% more dense than similar pumice products, so Powerhouse Pumice lasts longer and cleans better. Powerhouse Pumice also has finer abrasive grit than similar products to prevent deep scratching. The heavy-duty protective handle protects your hands as you clean, and Powerhouse pumice comes with a convenient storage case. It is an abrasive cleaner. Abrasive cleaning products may cause scratching of softer surfaces. Test it first on a small area. Powerhouse Pumice is a chemical-free, odorless, non-toxic cleaner, so it is environmentally friendly and safe around children and pets. To use Powerhouse Pumice, first wet the stone and then gently rub the pumice over tough stains. The pumice will conform to the shape of surface or bowl and removes tough stains in seconds. If you have ever unsuccessfully tried to clean hard-water, calcium, lime or rust stains, you need Powerhouse Pumice. It cleans like never before!

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