Rayovac Size 312 Extra Advanced Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries (80 Batteries)


Mercury free 80-pack of size A312 hearing-aid batteries with zinc-air technology High energy density and almost completely flat drain curve—powerful from beginning to end Popular choice for today’s behind-the-ear or in-the-ear digital hearing aids Durable stainless-steel housing ensures ultimate stability and protection against corrosion 2- to 3-year shelf life; remove tab and allow battery to be exposed to air for 1 minute to activate battery before inserting into hearing device.
Trust the name you know – Rayovac offers fresh and powerful, mercury-free, zinc-air hearing aid batteries. Stock up with 10 packs of 8 batteries (80 total batteries) and keep your devices powered up longer. Made in the USA – try Rayovac batteries today!

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