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One of the things that makes me go into crisis the most is when I see the receipt of the stock of the recommended letters. Not that I’ve ever done anything bad or serious, but having to wait for time to pick up the recommended one is something that makes me sleep. From what I’ve read online, this is something that many people have in common under the same conditions as me. The reason why the sender is not included in this receipt remains a mystery. When certain types of recommendations could send her only the classic postal service, browsing the internet was and you can find directions about the sender and especially the type of recommended.

Not so for Nexive’srecommendations that have a code of their own and I couldn’t find an interpretation by searching the internet.


By grabbing this receipt of stock of the recommended letter in my hand, I read that the courier is NEXIVE. Going to see on the site, I discovered that it is a private postal operator in Italy. So it’s one of the many postal operators that are in Italy right now.

Electronic recommended letter receipt appearance

The receipt was wrapped in a blue letter and it immediately seemed strange because I had never received such a recommendation. I also noticed that it was not a traditional receipt but it also said that it was possible to withdraw electronically and through a code the letter recommended directly from their website. I thanked heaven, because the wait destroys me and I immediately went to my computer to see what it was. I entered the details as I will explain later, and I realized that such recommended can be visible on the site, for reasons that escape me, only the next day.

How do I view the details of this recommended letter?

As I said before, like every other recommended, this one also has a barcode that can be entered on the company’s website to display the details of the recommended when possible. You will not be able to see the sender but at least you will be able to see the city of the office from where the recommended was sent. Then go to the nexivesite https://www.formulacerta.it/Tracking-Spedizioni-Nexive.aspx and write in the appropriate field the code below the barcode of the receipt of the recommended, then click find.

There is also the possibility to enter the customer code or customer reference, the first should be present on the receipt of the recommended electronics that left the postman in the letterbox but to me it never worked.

If you have the patience to wait for the time indicated in the receipt and you have received a recommended electronic you can download it directly from the site which is also indicated within the accompanying letter of the receipt which will also contain the pin you want to insert when you view it. It’s usually about waiting until midnight like I did.

A few small recommendations

I know that receiving the receipt of the recommended and not knowing who is the sender for many, myself included, can be a huge source of stress. Everyone knows what the problems behind such a missive can be because everyone knows their own story. Most of the time, however, it is worth not being alarmed because if for example the sender has shipped from Milan, and you have never been to Milan or at least not recently, there is a possibility that it could be a simple bill.

Some say that postmen often miss letters when they deliver mail and I’ve been told that it’s not uncommon for neighbors not to deliver these notebooks or missives to legitimate recipients at all. Although this is a crime, it is very difficult to prove it.

Domiciliation of bills is a big step forward in this regard, if you have bank availability, I recommend you domicile on your account all bills to avoid these unpleasant communications that by their nature are a source of stress for people more sensitive and honest, above all.

I am not known why the receipts of the recommended have not printed, along with other information such as the first and last name of the recipient, the tracking code of the missive, etc., even the sender. Since receipts can only be bolted into the letterbox that needs to be locked, I don’t know what the privacy risk might be. For a sensitive and honest person, in fact, it would be much better to know who the sender is. For example, if it was an electricity supplier telling us that we forgot to pay a bill, it would be much less stressful for the recipient.

If you have any questions,feel free to comment on this article and I will be happy to answer based on my knowledge and skills about it (which are then those of a simple private citizen as I am).


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