Reflecting sitting on the couch

Today I’m here, sitting on the couch, reflecting with the laptop on my right leg. I’m on break from work for lunch. I decided to devote these few minutes of free time to writing some reflections. I also need to take some time for myself without feeling compelled to do something.

I’ve made so many commitments with myself that I can’t find a moment of the day that I can do what I want and relax. It may be that I’m getting older. When I was young, people older than me told me it would be different at a certain age. Even though I knew, I didn’t know how true it was.

I’m not even sure I want to publish this page. For the moment I relax and write. I don’t think I’ll have time to correct my text so I hope i forgive myself if I make some mistakes in grammar. I know you’re reading and laughing! I’m talking to you!

Time flies, twenty minutes have elapsed since I sat on the couch. I know the time elapsed from the charging level of my laptop. It’s amazing that in the year 2017, manufacturers still build laptops with the battery that lasts so little. I think they call it portable just because they’re easy to carry (sometimes).

I hope that manufacturers will one day build “usable laptops”. One day I will write a review on my laptop, so maybe the manufacturer reading it will want to consider the idea of increasing autonomy.

Tonight, after work, I’m going to make the “matriciana pasta.” It’s a good recipe, maybe one day, if I find some time, I’ll also write the recipe. Of course, I don’t eat so well every night. Today I have some friends my guests at dinner.

Have you noticed that our lives are conditioned by the work we do? You’re going to say, it’s normal. But I tell you that life should not only be work, we waste the “best” moments of the day working. Do you realize we only have one life? Anyway, what can we do? Maybe once, a long time ago, life was harder, but I’m still convinced that however difficult it was, in some respects, it was much more enjoyable.

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